Journal of my experience when going on the Atkins diet to lose 20-30 pounds.
It works!
Published on April 12, 2004 By jim jones In Diet
Sorry for not posting in so long. This is a quick update just to let anyone know who's watching that I'll be making a full update in the next day or two. The reason for my lack of posting is that I had some second thoughts about "blogging." I've always felt that having a blog is somewhat vain and I've also felt that people probably don't really care what the average "Joe User" has to say. However, I've given it some thought and I do feel that I've had a positive experience w/this diet and I want to give anyone who checks here a progress report. As a side note, I didn't like posting in the "Misc" category and I didn't like the posting interface too much. Since my last post I've seen that both of those things have changed which I'm very happy about.

In short, I've gone from ~222lbs to ~193lbs in 11 weeks. I think the diet is more important than just the weight loss. I'm more health conscious, I feel good, I think I look much better and more than just dieting I've been running 3 miles almost every day for the past 5 weeks. Exercising again almos daily makes me feel good and I like knowing that I'm taking care of my body and challenging myself as well. I ran a 5k(3.2 miles) over the weekend and did it in 27min and 30sec which is a little less than an average 9 minute mile. Not incredible but it's respectable. I've also been lifting weights again w/positive results. Every day I do push-ups and crunches. Every other day I do dumbbell curls and shrugs.

On a weekly basis I've taken pictures, I've documented my measurements, diet, weight, workouts, etc. I'll have a big post in the next day or two along w/pictures. It will take me some time to type it out but it should be here soon.

In short, the Atkins Diet is a great way to get rapid weight loss. It plateaus after about 5 weeks(at least it did for me) and then you need to integrate exercise, continue portion control and adding in other foods. The bottom line is that it's an excellent diet and a great way to motivate yourself although I don't believe it's a lifelong diet but a lot of the concepts of the diet are things that you should continue following throughout life.

I know this is a crap comparison picture but here's a quick side by side of a photo of me at Christmas 2003 and from today on Easter 2004, 11 weeks after I started the Atkins Diet and exercise.

on Apr 12, 2004
You look good in both pictures but I can see the weight loss.