Journal of my experience when going on the Atkins diet to lose 20-30 pounds.
The Atkins Diet starts
Published on February 1, 2004 By jim jones In Misc
Today is Sunday, February 1st, and the first day of my Atkins diet. I had an Atkins vanilla shake for breakfast. We bought a couple of packs of them from GNC.

We did my my initial stats so I can gauge my progress. I'm 6'1, 222lbs and using my wife's body fat gauge I have 22.6% body fat. We also measured my chest, waist and hips and took pics. We'll do this each week.
on Feb 01, 2004
How long do you think you'll be on the diet? I did it for two weeks and then switched to the South Beach diet. It isn't too bad if you like salad and vegetables. Believe it or not meat and cheese get boring.
on Feb 02, 2004
hmm. i think i'll stay on it for at least 2 months and then slowly integrate some things back into my diet but in a moderate way(plus add exercise). i know a lot of people who have been really successful on this diet so it's something i want to stick with and give a fair shake. i'm going to stay on it but not for too long b/c i know it can cause some health issues. in reference tot he food choices, i wouldn't mind a few more but i'm the kind of person who could eat chicken for dinner every night(and for lunch too) so it's not that much different than the way i eat now. =]
on Feb 02, 2004
Jim, take it from me, I did it. Stick with it. I was 6' 0" 215lbs. The first two weeks, no loss. third, 5lbs. Forth 10lbs. And I cheated. No way I was giving up my beer. Even had some fries about once a week. By the time I got off it I was down to 190. People were asking my wife if I was sick. I'm back up to 195 now. eating what I want but definately not in excess, and its staying off. Good luck man, easiest diet I ever did.
on Mar 15, 2004
c'mon jim, i want to hear more about your progress to date. today is my first day on the A-diet and i'm curious to read about how youre faring with the "ordeal". im glad i found your blog because it sounds like you and i are in the same boat; both of us arent massively overweight, but definatley would feel better about dropping a couple. ill check back and hopefully youll be back online, with an update. g'luck!