Journal of my experience when going on the Atkins diet to lose 20-30 pounds.
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February 1, 2004 by jim jones
Today is Sunday, February 1st, and the first day of my Atkins diet. I had an Atkins vanilla shake for breakfast. We bought a couple of packs of them from GNC.

We did my my initial stats so I can gauge my progress. I'm 6'1, 222lbs and using my wife's body fat gauge I have 22.6% body fat. We also measured my chest, waist and hips and took pics. We'll do this each week.
January 4, 2004 by jim jones
I mentioned in an earlier post about Subway offering Atkins wrap sandwiches. Here's the info from This will definitely make getting a bite to eat while out and in a hurry much easier.

"On December 29, Subway® Restaurants will offer two Atkins® Nutritionals, Inc.-endorsed low-carbohydrate wraps: the Turkey and Bacon Melt Wrap, with Monterey cheddar cheese, and the Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap, with Swiss cheese. Both Atkins® -Friendly Wraps, available in the U.S. and Canada, have 11 ...
December 31, 2003 by jim jones
Picture taken December 24th, 2003. For reference:
December 31, 2003 by jim jones
Went to dinner tonight and thought about how dinners out would be different if I'm on the Atkins. We went to a TexMex place and I had chicken fajitas. I love the fajitas and knowing I won't be able to eat that kills me. I also love mashed potatoes and I won't be able to have them either. No beans or rice either...during dinner I decided we probably won't be going out for dinner much while I'm on the diet. It sort of takes the fun out of things when pretty much all I can have is meat, greens...
December 30, 2003 by jim jones
I've decided to go on the Atkins Diet. I'm 6'1 and 220 pounds. I could stand to lose a good 20 pounds and possibly 30. I would consider myself to be overweight but certainly not obese. I don't feel like I look as good as I could plus it's not healthy to have this extra weight. I eat reasonably well. My wife makes a good healthy dinner every night but I do have a habit of snacking.

I've always been athletic, playing soccer, lacrosse, basket, football and baseball growing up. I played...